Profit from Liquidations.

A DeFi protocol that enables you to purchase liquidated crypto assets at a discount and profit by selling them at a higher price. Proudly built on the Kujira blockchain.


Fully Automated

Our bots will hunt for arbitrage opportunities 24/7 - Bidding for assets on ORCA at a discount and selling the liquidated assets on FIN for a profit.

Economies of Scale

Enjoy benefits of pooling funds together such as bidding across multiple price levels and selling assets on FIN. The fixed gas cost is shared over a large number of users.

Low Fees

A small service fee is charged only when our bots complete a successful liquidation arbitrage.

No Lock Up Period

You have full control over your funds. Deposit or withdraw funds from our vaults any time you wish.

Empowering retail with DeFi tools.

We provide tools that make it easy for retail investors to profit from arbitrage opportunities in crypto markets.

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Start profiting from liquidations today!